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Free Trappers and Traders Association.

The Free Trappers and Traders Association is a group of people who enjoy an activity often referred to as “Buckskinning”. The enjoyment of the FTTA comes from the renewal of the time of the great American fur trade conducted between 1763 and 1850. The fur trade was one of the largest contributing factors to the foundation, expansion and success of the young United States of America. During this era of the fur trade most of the trading was done by large corporations such as the well known Hudson Bay Company. The furs were most often trapped by the local Indians or in the later period by large companies such as the American Fur Company. The term Free Trapper or Free Trader refers to people who were operating independently of those established companies. That independence is the basis of the Free Trapper and Traders Assoc.  There are many fine and well established clubs around the country that enjoy the many facets of this activity. Many of these clubs rely on raising money and recruiting membership by holding Rendezvous that are open to non-members or “free trappers and traders”.  These events are a great opportunity for buckskinners to meet, camp and enjoy the many pre- 1840 activities that are offered. Most often these rendezvous are also the only opportunity we have to visit the many Traders that supply us with the various supplies we need.

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The FTTA is a network, a means for primitive buckskinners to share information about when and where Rendezvous will be held, comment on experiences at these events, help plan who may be going and meet fellow enthusiasts. There are many such Rendezvous held in Arizona, New Mexico, and California and throughout the North and South West.  These events are also a great opportunity for us to not only support the individual clubs that we may belong to, but also to support neighboring clubs. The only requirement that the FTTA has for events is that the Rendezvous be a Primitive pre-1840 event, and that a primitive camp area be provided by the sponsoring group. The membership of the FTTA is also restricted to those people wishing to camp and dress in appropriate pre-1840 garb. Many of the Rendezvous are all primitive and the standard for camp and dress is generally established by the sponsoring club. There are no membership fees or annual dues. The concept of the FTTA arose from the thought...
“I would like to go to a new Rendezvous, I wonder if I will know anyone there and I wonder if anyone I know has been there before?” 

Thanks for your interest; I hope to see you in camp –
Silver Fox